Audience-Based Direct Mail Specs


ABDM postcards are produced on premium weight 14pt card stock and printed in full color on both sides. The front of the card is coated in a matte finish and the back is uncoated.

Creative Specifications

The image below is provided for illustrative purposes only. Please design all ads to the Document Size provided and keep all of your important information within the Live Area.

Trim Lines are provided for your reference but please note that we cannot accept files designed to the trim lines so please do not include them in your document setup.


Document Size (Includes Bleed): 8.75" X 6.5"
This is the excess image area that must surpass the trim dimensions to ensure that your image will flow over on all sides.


Live Area: 8.25" X 5.75"
Any elements of your ad that should not be cut off in the trimming process must be within the live area.

Set inside and outside margins to .25" and top and bottom margins to .4" (and remember to keep ALL live matter within the margins).


Trim: 8.5" X 6.0"
Your ad will trim to these dimensions.


Please make sure you leave the mailing address area 4" x 2.25" and the stamp/indicia area 1" x 1" empty.




  • Ensure all images and artwork are CMYK and 300dpi in resolution.
  • Select PDF/X-1a in the Adobe PDF pre-set dropdown.
  • Select Acrobat 4.0 in the compatibility dropdown.
  • Export both front and back into one pdf file for submission.
  • Do not include crop marks or trim lines.


In Design Template

We recommend using InDesign to create your postcard. You can download a pre-set InDesign template here


Creative Examples

Blinded_QSR_Evergreen_DM_8x6_Front.jpg   Blinded_QSR_Evergreen_DM_8x6_Back.jpg
Blinded_CPG_Evergreen_DM_8x6_Front.jpg   Blinded_CPG_Evergreen_DM_8x6_Back.jpg
Blinded_Auto_Evergreen_DM_8x6_Front.jpg   Blinded_Auto_Evergreen_DM_8x6_Back.jpg
Blinded_Evergreen_Retail_DM_8x6_Front.jpg   Blinded_Evergreen_Retail_DM_8x6_Back.jpg
Blinded_Evergreen_Travel_DM_8x6_Front.jpg   Blinded_Evergreen_Travel_DM_8x6_Back.jpg


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