Setting Up Your Advertiser Account

This guide will walk you through creating an advertiser account on our platform.

Step 1:  Organization Details (First-time users only)

  • When you first log in, you'll be asked to enter details about your organization. This includes:
    • Legal name of your business or agency
    • Business address
    • Phone number
  • Click "Create Organization" to proceed.

Step 2: Advertiser Account

An advertiser account stores information specific to your advertising campaigns, including:

  • Campaign details
  • Billing information
  • Location groups
  • Retargeting audiences

Here's how to create an advertiser account:

  1. New User Setup:
    • You'll be prompted to add an advertiser account immediately upon setting up your account.
    • Enter the following details:
      • Advertiser account name
      • Advertiser website or domain
      • Time zone (US default)
      • Distance unit (miles default)
      • Language (English default)
      • Account Vertical (e.g. Automotive, Restaurants). This helps us recommend optimization strategies for your campaigns.
  2. Adding Additional Accounts (Existing Users):
    • Go to the top left menu and select "Manage Organization."
    • Click on the name of your organization.
    • Select "New Account."

Once you click "SAVE," your profile will be complete with an Organization and its associated Advertiser Accounts.

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