Setting up your Advertising Account

Step 1:

Tell us about your organization:

First-time users will be asked to enter information about your organization. The organization should contain the legal name, address, and phone number of your business or agency. Click Create Organization to continue.




Step 2: 

Add a new advertising account:

The account houses information about the advertiser, including campaign details, billing, and location groups, and retargeting audiences. Create a single account for an individual business or multiple accounts for each advertiser an agency represents. Your account information will also help to provide you with optimization strategies, when available, for your campaigns.

1. Setting up your account for the first time will prompt you to immediate add an advertising account:

  • Add your advertiser account name
  • Add advertiser website / domain
  • Set your timezone (US)
  • Enter Distance unit (miles default)
  • Language (English default)
  • Enter your Account Vertical. This section helps us provide recommendations based on your Advertiser vertical. Ie. Automotive, Restaurants, etc.


After you click SAVE, your complete profile should contain the following Organization / Accounts hierarchy:




2. To add additional accounts: You can select Manage Organization from the top left menu, click name of your organization, then New Account


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