What are conversion pixels?

GroundTruth uses conversion pixels to track conversions beyond your ad's click-to URL.

In order to create a tracking pixel:

  1. Go to the budget and schedule section of your campaign or ad group
  2. Scroll down to the 'Tracking Pixel' section
  3. Click create a new pixel
  4. Add tracking pixel
  5. Make sure you save  
    **Note – After creating the pixels, You need to add the pixel in the HTML section of web pages you want to track, for GroundTruth to count the conversions.

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Why does the validate pixels button not work?

The Validate pixel button does not always work depending on your website setup. We recommend using Chrome’s Developer Tools or Google Tag Assistant to verify if your pixels are firing. Please feel free to contact our support team to verify for you.

Should I Export Floodlight or Export Generic?

Please choose export Floodlight for Google and Generic for all others

Where do I put my pixel code?

In the header

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