Ads Manager Feature Updates

Version 3.3

Launch date: 8/27/19

Feature Enhancements

  1. Shareable URLs for AdGroup sections- Users can now share and bookmark specific sections of an AdGroup: #goals, #targeting, #creatives #budget.
  2. Improved AdGroup/campaign clone speed- We’ve reduced response time for campaign and AdGroup cloning to less than 15 seconds (previously 25 seconds).
  3. Graylist clone consent- When cloning a campaign all Graylist settings will be carried over.
  4. Total Spent summation:
    • When user select a date range that includes current day, Total Spent now shows a sum of Total spent + Spent Today. Today's spent will become a new row in the Total Spent column.
    • If user selects a date range(without current day), Total Spent only shows the spend for that date range.

Resolved Issues

  1. Minor bug fixes.
  2. The issue with Dashboard showing incorrect campaign status and end dates is now fixed.


Version 2.30.0

Launch date: 4/8/19

  1. AdGroup Avails now show based on the last 7 days (previously avails were only shown for the past day).
  2. Error messages now mention the specific reason that caused the issue. For example, instead of seeing “unexpected error occurred,” the system shows exactly what needs to be fixed.
  3. New field, Client Contract / IO Number, was added to new campaign creation window. 


Version 2.29.1

Launch date: 3/21/19

Bug fixes

  1. The missing Reporting by Product report for campaigns that started on 1.1.19 is now available. 
  2. Ad groups no longer duplicate a row when you open the table breakdown and visit the campaign settings page and come back to the dashboard. 


Version 2.29.0

Launch date: 3/6/19


Reporting by Product and POIs

  • View this report from the Summary tab for all campaigns that were launched on or after 1.1.19. This report provides the ability to view granular targeting and POI performance at the campaign, adgroup, and creative level.

Bug fixes

  • The issue with downloading a report when campaign or adgroup names have special characters in them is now fixed.
  • Table and export data now displays data correctly for days that had no visits post campaign.

Version 2.28.19

Launch date: 2/20/19

Bug fixes 

  • After a campaign ends, the Lookback window now shows up in the dropdown menu in the Summary tab.
  • The table sorting feature no longer disappears when sorting the table and then switching a report.
  • Previously, users were able to place a “0” in the creative rotation in the bulk upload template, which would cause the rotation to be unpredictable. Now, users will receive and error if a “0” is present in the creative rotation


Version 2.27.2

Launch date: 2/4/19


Total Spent column currency update

  • All users can now view the correct currency in their respective market displayed in the column header. With this update, we’ve removed the currency symbol from the field in that column. E.g. the JP market column header will now be Total Spent (JPY) and the US market will now be Total Spent (USD).

Bug fixes

  • Sorting and expanding tables no longer causes the table to break down.
  • The checkmark next to “Show your ads to default devices types” is no longer removed after you save an adgroup. Changes in the technographics section will only happen when the user explicitly requests them.   

Version 2.25.2

Launch date: 1/9/19


Landing page language

  • We updated the text at the bottom of the creative landing page from "Powered by GroundTruth " to "This page is powered by GroundTruth."

Bug fixes 

  1. The zip code field under bulk download location filters now populates correctly..
  2. The chart download icon is now available on all charts.


Version: 2.25.0

Launch date: 12/4/18 


  1. Campaign Budget
    • Users can now set budget at the campaign level to avoid under delivery at the ad group level. Once a budget is defined at the campaign level, budgets from ad groups that fall behind on pacing will be re-allocated to better performing ad groups automatically.
  2. On Demand pixel validation
    • Users can now validate tracking pixels they placed on specific URLs in two places: Account Details Page > Tracking Pixels, and Ad group > Budget & Schedule > Tracking Pixels. In order to validate the pixels, the user will need to click on “Validate All” below the pixel list.
  3. Chart Export
    • Users can now export the chart view directly from the UI by clicking on the Download icon on the top right-hand corner. 
      **Known issue** When exporting the Day of Week and Time of Day report, the chart will not include the Days legend.
  4. Segment Search
    • We have improved the search capabilities for locations and audiences in ad group setup. The search field will be able to handle close matches and results will now be faster. 

Bug Fixes 

  1. Table sorting
    • We found an issue in table sorting for a few metrics that caused the table to show wrong results. The issue in now fixed, and we made sure that sorting is working right.
  2. Creative size update
    • In the creative upload screen we mentioned 720x90 as a recommended size when it should have been 728x90.  
  3. Bulk Location Upload
    • Previously, users who tried to upload a sheet with zip codes received an error. The issue is now fixed.


Version: 2.24.0

Launch date: 11/5/18 

Column Picker Enhancements

  • Previously, selections made on the column picker would reset and didn't carry over when a user switched to a different report. Now, users can make selections on the column picker and get a persistent table view across reports.
  • The updated default columns on the summary and audience tabs include: 
    • Summary: Delivery (All Metrics), Flight & Budget (All Metrics) Visits (Visits and VR only)
    • Audience: CTR, VR, SAR

Bulk Location Upload Sheet

  • Conditional formatting is now available to guide users which fields to fill when selecting Geo Type (column B). Additionally, header row is now frozen/sticky and highlighted in Green.

Ad Group Targeting

  • For easier navigation between GT apps, we’ve added a link to Location Manager from Audiences and Neighborhoods next to the search field (“+ Add new location group”). As a reminder we’ve released the option to target Location Groups on Audiences and Neighborhoods on 10/1/18 (version 2.22.0).


Version: 2.22.0

Launch date: 10/1/18 

User Change Log

  • Users can now view and audit changes made throughout the lifetime of a campaign for all levels: Campaign, AdGroup, and Creative. The log is accessible via Reporting Dashboard> Export Icon > User Change Log. Data is available only from July 1, 2018.

New Audience Insights Reports

  • Two new reports on the Audience tab in Reporting: Brand Affinity and Category. 

Location Group Targeting Enhancements

  • Users can now target Location Groups using the following tactics: Audiences and Neighborhoods. 
Version: 2.21.0
Launch date: 9/20/18
Location Reporting
  • Gain a breakdown of campaign performance by geographic boundaries as well as store-level visitation performance
  • Use Cases: 
    • Optimize campaigns based on performance by location
    • Build campaign strategies for future campaigns 
    • Build off store-level data to understand conversions
  • Note: Location Reporting is available for campaigns with a launch date after August 1, 2018.
Product Enhancement | Notification Bar
  • A notification bar now appears at the top of the screen after you log into Ads Manager to announce release notes and provide a summary of the most recent and impactful Ads Manager feature releases. 
  • As of 9/20/2018, a set list of predetermined location categories will no longer be available for targeting due to privacy reasons. 

Bug Fixes

  • Creative: Alignment for image header and coupon borders has been fixed for landing page creation
Version: 2.20.0
Launch date: 9/10/18

Bug Fixes

  • Creative screen text is updated to let you know which creative sizes work best 
  • Coupon text has been updated to suggest the right coupon size
Version: 2.18.0
Launch date: 8/23/18
Bug fixes
  • Budget and flight: Previously, when adding a time period budget, AdsManager duplicated the time periods. With this release, this issue is resolved. 
  • Campaign status:  This release ensures that the status in the top navigation bar in Ads Manager will be shown consistently across campaigns. 
Version: 2.17.0
Launch date: 8/7/18 
  • Video Quartile enhancements 
    • Video quartile reports can now be broken out by day (not just at the summary/ parent level)
    • Export video view data by quartile: Start | First Quartile | Midpoint | Third Quartile | Video Complete 
Bug fixes
  • Ads Manager Help: The Help Button link has been added back to the lower right screen within Ads Manager
Version: 2.16.0
Launch date: 7/26/18
  • Avails Enhancements: 
    • When setting up new campaigns, the Estimated Avails bar on the right side has been updated with the following enhancements
    • "Estimated Results" header. 
    • We now display "Unavailable" for Projected Daily Impressions and Audience Daily Reach (instead of "0" or an inaccurate estimate) when targeting is too granular. In this case, you can still run the campaign as is, but you risk low spend and impressions. 
      • TIP: When estimated results are unavailable, consider broadening your targeting configuration by adding additional targeting (i.e. new audience segments or additional locations) or increasing radius targeting (if applicable).  
    • Tool tips added to "Estimated Results" and "Unavailable" avails to explain what each section means. 
  • Lookback Window Report: 
    • We updated the Lookback Window report to include only 6 buckets of lag time (1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks). Buckets looking back 3 weeks and 4 weeks were removed because the overall visit count summary only considers visits up to 2 weeks after an impression was served (this includes impressions served on the last day of the campaign, leading to visits up to two weeks post campaign). 


Version: 2.15.0

Launch date: 7/5/18

  • Audience Insights Report: Understand how various Behavioral Audiences interact with your campaigns to optimize campaigns and inform future marketing strategies 
  • Video quartile reporting: Video quartiles are added to the Daily Trend report. Users can select the following columns from column picker: Start | First Quartile | Midpoint | Third Quartile | Video Complete

Overall enhancements 

  • Info Icons: Next to report name dropdowns, there is a hover icon that allows you to read the description of each report
  • Time series report charts update: If there is no campaign data available, report charts will be collapsed by default in the summary reports tab. 

Version: 2.14.0

Launch date: 6/25/18 


  • Universal login: 
    • Users can open multiple browser tabs to work on different accounts at the same time
    • Linking from Ads Manager to Location Manager no longer requires additional logins

Version: 2.13.0

Launch date: 6/7/18


  • Default account dashboard now in list view.

    • When you first log into Ads Manager, you will now see your list of campaigns in list view. In this view it is easier to see Pacing, Total spent, Spent today, Budget, Impressions, Days Remaining, and Start & End dates for each campaign. You can switch back to the tile view by selecting the tile button on the top right of the dashboard screen.  

  • Default account dashboard campaign view now shows All campaigns.

    •  Now, when you log into Ads Manager, instead of defaulting to Active campaigns only, the account dashboard shows All campaigns as the default. 


Version: 2.11.2

Launch date: 5/16/18


  • Default reporting level set to Ad Groups:

    • When you drill into a campaign, the new default reporting level takes you to the AdGroup view (instead of the Campaign-level view). The default, or whatever level you select, will persist throughout any other changes you make, like editing an AdGroup or switching a report.

  • Daily reach added to the Daily Trend report:

    • Within the Report Name "Daily Trend," you can now view daily reach breakdown for all levels (campaign, ad groups, ad creative). In the first version, reach was only available at the parent view in the table. Now, when you drop down the table, you can break down reach by day.

Bug fixes

  • Location Report auto-populates:

    • The table within Location Report, which lets you gain user insight by state, DMA, zip code, and store level, now populates automatically with no need to zoom in on or adjust the map view.

Version: 2.11.0

Launch date: 4/26/18

Reporting enhancements: 

  • Time of Day: See what time your ads are having the highest impact. 

  • Day of Week: Understand which days your target audience is most likely to visit your store. 

  • Day of Week + Time of Day chart: Combine Time of Day and Day of Week for a granular view of when your ads are performing their best.

  • Demographics: Understand who you’re reaching by age and gender and which groups are most responsive to your messaging.

  • Export daily spend and campaign metrics: Interpret day-by-day campaign results.

  • Additional Secondary Actions reporting via Column Picker: Clicks to header/ website, directions, click to call, CTA/ more info, and promo/ coupon.

  • Learn more about Campaign Settings, Summary, and Performance Reporting HERE

New audience feature: GroundTruth Location Audience Lookalikes. Learn more. 

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