Update to Know Issue - Visitation Reporting Outage

Posted: 12/14/18


Last Tuesday (Dec 11th), we communicated that a system outage led to loss of a few reporting metrics starting from Dec 7th in GroundTruth Ads Manager. We wanted to provide an update on this before the weekend.

Our engineering team has recovered the system; and the visitation metrics are now being processed as designed. By tomorrow, Dec 15th, the reporting will be up to date from Dec 12th to Dec 14th.  Future reporting will continue as expected.

However, you will still notice a dip in visitation metrics from Dec 7th (when issue started) to Dec 11th. This is because we are still backfilling the data for this duration to make them available in Ads Manager. We expect to finish doing that over the next few days and we will let you know when the backfill is complete as soon as possible.

Help and Questions: 
Please reach out to your Platform Specialist or email selfservehelp@groundtruth.com



Posted: 12/11/18


Last Friday (Dec 7th), we suffered a system outage due to which some of the reporting metrics in GroundTruth Ads Manager became unavailable. For campaigns which are measuring visits to a location, you will notice a drop in all visitation related metrics starting from Dec 5th. Daily metrics such as visits will drop to 0 from Dec 7th onwards. Cumulative metrics such as ‘VR’ (Visit Rate) will continue to decline. The exact list of metrics impacted are below. Beyond visit-related metrics, there is no impact on any other metrics. Thus, metrics such as impressions continue to report accurately.

While we don’t yet have a timeline for recovery, our engineers are working to recover all the data as soon as possible. There has been no data loss and every metric will be updated. Once the issue is resolved, you will see metrics getting back to normal levels from Dec 5th and onward. We will continue to communicate as information is updated.  

Metrics Impacted:

Visits, VR, SVR, Daily Visits, Lookback Window visits, Visits by Day of the Week, Visits by Time of the Day, Store level visits (accessible in the ‘Location’ tab) and Audience level visits (accessible from the ‘Audience’ tab).

Help and Questions: 

Please reach out to your Platform Specialist or email selfservehelp@groundtruth.com 


Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.


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