Winning in 2021: How Agencies are Designing their Game Plans

2020 is finally almost over and agencies are looking ahead in 2021. What have they heard in the market that may help you in your 2021 planning? What are some of the media they see taking off and/or plateauing in 2020, and how do they expect clients to react to the shift?


2020 Holiday Strategy Guides - Strategic Planning in Changing Times: Retail, Big Box/Grocery, Restaurants and Travel

2020 has disrupted “business as usual” for all. From brands to retailers to consumers, we have all had to adapt, whether that be our strategy, our messaging, or our own shopping behaviors. GroundTruth has been actively observing the recent rapid changes in consumer behaviors and have optimized our tech solutions to better connect you with your key audiences on our mobile advertising platform.


Tech Trends: Major Changes to “Business as Usual”

GroundTruth hosted a virtual event centered around major impacts to businesses, focusing on iOS 14 and the pandemic among the most disruptive this year. While the former gave businesses time to adjust their plans, the latter caught us all off guard. Both, however, require businesses to change course quickly and pivot strategically like never before.


Diverse Small Business Leaders Discuss Challenges and Innovations with Location Tech Leader GroundTruth

Join us for an all-star panel of diverse small business owners to learn how quarantine-life has not only impacted consumer behavior, but their business plans. Learn firsthand how they’ve adjusted to the “new normal” by leaning into location-based ad tech to tap into the right audiences.


Omni-Channel Strategy: Using Connected TV, Desktop and Mobile in One Platform

In the world we live in today, your customers are spending more time on mobile devices and Connected TV (CTV) than ever. CTV ads can be a powerful tool in your media mix strategy. Harness the accuracy, scale, and breadth of GroundTruth’s location-based audiences to power your cross-device marketing campaigns seamlessly through a single platform.


Re-Opening Strategies

During this time of rapidly changing consumer behaviors, learn how to leverage visitation patterns and trends to unlock key insights about your current and potential customers as you re-open your business.


Back-to-School Strategy Guide in the Times of COVID

While the current academic school year has been impacted by COVID-19, GroundTruth has some strategic recommendations for how to plan for back-to-school season this fall.


Adapting Tactics II Tax Season Census and 2020 Election

As we look forward to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and consumers will find themselves adjusting to a new normal. The IRS has extended the tax filing deadlines to July 15th while the 2020 census bureau has ceased field operations temporarily. Amidst the backdrop of these abnormalities is the 2020 elections. This pandemic has altered life as we know it. However, in every crisis lies a great opportunity.


Adapting Tactics in the Time of COVID 19

In this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, American life has changed substantially in a short time. As people work from home and stay indoors more, the average time spent on mobile usage is projected to increase to at least 3 hours and 49 minutes. In addition, your customers’ offline behaviors in the past can help to define your audiences for online targeting. 


2020 New Year and Super Bowl Webinar

In this 30 minutes webinar, GroundTruth’s Senior Ad Strategist, Erik Carlson, will walk through a deep dive into changes in foot traffic trends and recommended tactics on how to reach consumers at the right moments during the 2020 New Year and Super Bowl season. 


How to Boost Holiday Sales with Location Marketing

Optimize location marketing campaigns to position your company for success during the 2019 holiday season. We will take you through our research findings and explore how you can use those insights to stand out from competitors and drive foot traffic to your business. 


2020 Consumer Trends Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn about evolving shopper habits and preferences: - Time spent with mobile devices continues to rise - The in-store experience will continue to shift - More digital and cashier-less checkout technology implemented in stores - More shoppers taking advantage of BOPIS - Personalization is crucial but varies for each shopper - Shoppers are opting for sustainable and local products 

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