Retargeting on Ads Manager: Building an audience for remessaging


Retargeting on Ads Manager is available for all device types - Mobile, Desktop, CTV, and OTT.


Set up retargeting for ad groups by taking the following steps:

  • Within your Ad Group, at the bottom of the “Targeting Location” or “Targeting Audience” page, you’ll have the option to “Build Custom Audience for Remessaging”. This is Retargeting. In this space, type in “R/T (name of ad group)”. Continue to the next page and enter your creatives, bid, budget, and flight dates. Make sure to “save.”

As a note, Retargeted Audience take 45-minutes to index in Ads Manager. If it doesn’t populate immediately, check back within an hour time




This is the FIRST step that will create a retargeted audience to reach consumers once they’ve left these locations you’re targeting in real-time. This first step acknowledges that you want to save this pool of device IDs that have been impressed.  

The second step is to build another ad group to serve media against this pool of saved device IDs. To do so,  you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Create a new Ad Group within your campaign (or another new campaign) and select “target by audience”
  2. Name the ad group “Retargeting of_____”
  3. Scroll to “select audiences” and click on the search bar. This will showcase the dropdown menu where you will find your retargeted audiences under the umbrella of “segment”
  4. Once the retargeted audience has been selected, you will want to layer on an additional location filter to concentrate your retargeted impressions within the relevant geographic region (do this by either DMA, City, County, or zip code)
  5. Hit the “next” button, add in your creative assets, and then hit next until you’re at the budget & scheduling page to input your bid and the budget you want to allocate toward this targeting strategy. Ensure your flight dates are correct and hit “Save and launch”

GroundTruth holds the device IDs for retargeted audiences for 90 days if the clients aren’t using this strategy right away for targeting. If the retargeted audience is used within 90 days, and if the geofence campaign is still running, the device ID list will get updated every 30 minutes. If the retargeting group is used within 90 days and the geofence campaign is not running in tandem, then it's available for use for unlimited time. If the client stops using it, there is a limit of 90 days for the client to leverage this retargeting ad group again.

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  • When I am retargeting to an audience... am I sharing ads to those who were 'impressions' of a prior ad group / campaign? 

    Can I retarget only to people who have taken an action such as a 'click' (who saw the mobile landing page)?  If so, how do I do that. 

    This is a helpful article as I am just getting started..




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