How do I only target people at an event or convention center?

For event-based campaigns characterized by short durations and intense competition for bids, we highly advise utilizing Geotargeting to establish a radial fence around the event or convention center. This strategy ensures optimal coverage and reach. It is crucial to adjust the CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) to a higher range to increase the likelihood of winning bids. For mobile banners, we recommend setting the CPM at $8, while for mobile videos, we suggest a CPM of $15. Furthermore, it is essential to select Delivery optimization to maximize the number of impressions served.

Another targeting option to consider is On Lot targeting, which focuses on serving ads specifically to the Blueprinted polygon fence of the convention center building. However, please note that this approach may result in limited scale since users with less accurate location signals may be filtered out. In contrast, the radial fence in Geotargeting is more inclusive and captures a wider audience. Moreover, convention centers with high activity levels may experience challenges in obtaining precise GPS signals, further supporting the recommendation for Geotargeting with a radial fence. Additionally, the circular shape of the radial fence provides broader coverage compared to a square.

Additionally, we encourage leveraging the Build Audience function to create a retargeting segment. This allows you to establish a dedicated ad group using Audience Targeting, specifically targeting the retargeting segment. By doing so, you can serve ads to users in the vicinity even after they have left the convention center, extending the reach and impact of your campaign.

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