How do I only target people at an event or convention center?

For event-based campaigns, which most likely have a short flight and high competition for bids, we strongly recommend using Geotargeting to set a radial fence around the event or convention center to ensure adequate scale. Please also set a higher CPM to win bids (recommended $5-6 for mobile banner or $10-11 for mobile video). Please select Delivery optimization to maximize impressions served.

You may also use On Lot targeting to serve ads to the Blueprinted polygon fence of the convention center building, however scale may be limited as users with less precise signals will be filtered out (whereas they would likely be captured in the radial fence). Depending on the nature of the convention, high activity may lead to unclear or less precise GPS signals. This is why we recommend Geotargeting with a radial fence (plus, circles are bigger than squares!).

We also recommend using the Build Audience function to set up a retargeting database. Then you can set up an additional ad group using Audience Targeting, select the retargeting segment, and serve ads to users in the area even after they have left the convention center.

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