Why did my not campaign not deliver in full if I followed the Projected Daily Impressions?

Projected Daily Impressions are based on historical footfall for Blueprinted locations and are meant as a guideline only. The number shows the estimated impressions available which does not guarantee that those impressions will be served.

Impressions served depend on:

  1. The volume of ad requests received that
  2. Match your unique targeting parameters as well as
  3. The competition for bids (bid price, ad rank/relevance, etc.).
  4. Uploading popular creative sizes 320x50 and 300x250 will increase the ad inventory available.

You can generally estimate that your campaign will serve about 50-70% of the Projected Daily Impressions available.

If the Projected Daily Impressions are <1k please be mindful that your campaign has limited scale and reach. Please add additional audiences or locations to your targeting to improve campaign performance.

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