Invoiced billing accounts

If your business meets certain credit criteria, you might have the option to pay for your GroundTruth Ads Manager media spend using an invoiced billing account.

GroundTruth requires prior to acceptance that our credit application is completed and submitted. We require, (3) media trade references, bank reference, and other pertinent information.  Once received we will review and determine whether or not credit can be extended. Campaigns cannot go live until credit is approved.

With an invoiced account, you receive an invoice each month for your Ads Manager media activity, rather than having us charge your payment method automatically. You then initiate your own payments either by check or ACH BANK transfer. See below for details.


How an invoiced account works

  • We send you a monthly invoice (no automatic charges)—Rather than automatically charging your credit card for your monthly payment, GroundTruth sends you a monthly invoice for services. You then send us your payment for the amount of the invoice. Specifically, we send the invoice on the 15th of the month for services delivered the previous month.
  • You pay by check or ACH transfer (no credit card required)—With an invoiced billing account, you MUST SEND GroundTruth your payment either by check or by initiating an ACH transfer from your bank WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM INVOICE DATE. No credit card is required. All late payments will be subject to a 1.5% late penalty fee.
  • You will receive invoices in A PDF FORMAT VIA email —Typically, we send your monthly invoice to an email address you give us when you set up your account.

Steps to becoming an invoiced account

  • Contact your dedicated Groundtruth representative(s) or email us at
  • We will send you a contract agreement along with a credit check application.
  • Upon review and if approved, your Ads Manager tenant will then become an invoiced tenant.

Disputed Invoices

In the event you reasonably and in good faith dispute any fees set forth on any invoice or record of payment issued by GroundTruth, you must notify GroundTruth in writing, setting forth the reasons for such dispute and the amount of such dispute (a “Dispute Notice”), no later than fifteen (15) days following the receipt of the invoice or record of payment. Upon receipt of a Dispute Notice, both parties will promptly make available appropriate personnel to work in good faith to resolve the dispute within fifteen (15) days. Upon resolution of the dispute by the parties, additional agreed amounts due from you, if any, in relation to the applicable invoice must be remitted to GroundTruth within ten (10) days following such resolution. If the dispute remains unresolved forty-five (45) days after the date of the invoice at issue, either party may declare the other party in breach of these Terms and pursue any or all legal remedies available to it.

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