Do you support Google click-thru UTM, URL parameters, and 3rd party tracking

GroundTruth provides options to append various 3rd party pixel and script tags to track clicks from in-app mobile ads to your website. 

You can add 3rd party pixels, floodlight tags, or tracking scripts at the Creative level. See Setting Up Ad Group Creative(s) guide for more info.

When adding click trackers and 3rd party pixels, it's important to understand known limitations when it comes to in-application advertising reporting and tracking. While GroundTruth reports only on actual ad impressions and clicks generated by a user, you may encounter discrepancies when viewing reports from a 3rd party. This is expected and can be explained below:

  1. Supply-Side Platform (SSP) routes web traffic from the in-app ad to either an in-app or external mobile web browser. 
  2. User error: users clicking on an in-app ad and closing it before a tracking pixel is able to load.
  3. Mobile browsers also have their own inherent traffic loss.


See more on Google Analytics and 3rd party discrepancies


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