Campaign Optimization

Your strategies in Ads Manager may vary based on the goals you want to achieve. Use the suggestions below to drive the best results tailored to your business objectives or to the industry your business is in.

Please Note: Every campaign may vary depending on location and population density. To help further optimize your strategy, please don't hesitate to reach out to our platform specialists for assistance:

Optimize Campaigns by Objective

Objective Tactics Creative Example
You want to Increase Visit Frequency
  • Reach loyalists by identifying visitors to over a specified timeframe up to 90 days with Location Audience 
  • Drive visits from within designated Neighborhoods to reach people who are similar to your loyalist visitors 
  • Creative: Promote new products to drive loyalists back in store

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You want to Grow New Customers
  • Reach target audiences based on past visitation behaviors through Behavioral Audience
  • Engage people who have recently visited a competitive store to drive new customers away from competitors with Location Audience
  • Expand reach by identifying the geographical areas where visitors to your brand frequent with Neighborhoods
  • Creative: Deliver messages targeted at competitive locations

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You want to Build Brand Awareness
  • Increase awareness by reaching pre-defined Behavioral Audiences
  • Expand reach by identifying the geographical areas where visitors to your brand also visit with Neighborhoods
  • Creative: Leverage image of audience data segment to improve ad recall

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You want to Drive Visits
  • Reach loyalists or visitors to competitive stores with Location Audience, our most effective solution at driving visits
  • Drive new visits by reaching people in Neighborhoods with high visitation affinity to your brand
  • Creative: Include dynamic distance overlay to direct consumers in-store

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Optimize Campaigns by Industry

Retail/CPG Restaurant/QSR Event/Short flight Automotive

Top tips for running Retail and CPG campaigns

  • Proximity – Run proximity of 0.1 – 3 miles around your retail store.
  • Competitive conquesting – Target people at competitors’ retail stores (In-Store, On-Lot, Retail Block, Radial distance). You can target your own list of competitor locations via Location Manager (
  • Location Audience Target customers by their past visitation behaviors to specific brands/locations (Walmart, Ingles, Trader Joes, Target, BJ’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc)
  • Behavioral Audience Target customers based on real-world location indicators and demographic information derived from visitation patterns (Big Box Shoppers, Discount Shoppers, Convenience Shoppers, Shopper, Luxury Shopper, Fashion Shopper, Fast Fashion Shopper, Department Shopper, Grocery Shopper, Children Shoppers, etc.)
  • Retargeting Bucket unique audiences you’ve already served an ad to and retarget those customers.
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