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This page provides a comprehensive overview of GroundTruth's Console reporting app, designed to offer clients transparency into their campaign performance.

What is Console?

Console is a reporting app that provides clients, particularly those without Ads Manager access, with a clear view of their campaign performance. Ad agencies can also leverage Console to give their clients an easy way to monitor campaigns.

Logging In and Viewing Campaigns

Upon logging in, you'll see the main screen displaying all campaigns associated with your account. Similar to the Ads Manager tenant dashboard, you'll find details like:

  • Campaign name
  • Account name
  • Campaign status
  • Days remaining
  • Start and end dates

A search bar lets you quickly locate specific campaigns.

Understanding Campaign Performance

Selecting a specific campaign will reveal various performance details:

Campaign Performance: This section provides high-level metrics like impressions, clicks, visits, click-through rate (CTR), visitation rate (VR), campaign completion, and pacing.

Live Ads: This section offers an hourly breakdown of where impressions are served, with a 6-hour latency. This means you'll see impressions by zip code as they were 6 hours prior.


  • Visits and VR data can take up to 3 weeks to finalize after the campaign ends.
  • Data reflects a 2-week lookback window with a 1-week lag.

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Targeting and Audience Insights

  • Targeting Overview: This section details targeting tactics ordered by their effectiveness on the chosen campaign KPI (key performance indicator) and corresponding metric.

    • Delivery: Impressions

    • Clicks: CTR

    • Visitation: Visits

  • Audience Overview: This section presents audiences ordered by their performance on the campaign KPI and corresponding metric.
    • Delivery: Impressions

    • Clicks: CTR

    • Visitation: Visits

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Location Performance

  • Top 5 Visited Locations: This section showcases the top 5 locations generating the most visits, with each location visualized on a map/satellite view.

Group 1128 (1).png

Image Creative Performance

  • Image Creative Overview: This section displays the creatives with the most impressions served. Please note that the same creative uploaded in different ad groups will be counted individually.

Group 1129.png

Visits by Geography

This section provides a comprehensive view of visit locations throughout your campaign.

Group 1130.png

Time to Visit

This section offers insights into when visits occur after ad exposure.

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Additional Metrics for CTV/OTT Campaigns

For campaigns that include a CTV/OTT component, an additional CTV section becomes available, providing metrics like:

  • Impressions
  • Video Completion Rate
  • Visits
  • Reach
  • Time on Screen
  • Frequency
  • OTT Platform (Publisher) Reporting

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We hope this Console Help Page empowers you to effectively monitor and understand your GroundTruth campaigns!


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