Why doesn't it look like my campaign is spending?

Once you launch a campaign, our system usually takes 45 – 60 minutes to start serving impressions, depending on your campaign setup.
Please note that “Total Spent” and “Spent today” get updated in real time. All the other metrics are updated with a 24-hr delay, except for Observed Visits, which are updated with a 48-hour delay.

Reasons a campaign may not be spending:

  • Please verify that your credit/debit card is valid.
  • Please check if any of your ad groups are Paused. Our platform is designed to be flexible, so you can pause ad groups at any time during a campaign while continuing to run other ad groups. When launching a new campaign, please check that all ad groups are activated by pressing the Play button.
  • Please verify that your addresses are Accepted in all relevant location groups. See here for help with Location Manager.
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