Can I run my ads on certain channels/publishers?

We do not support running ads on certain channels (e.g., ESPN, NBC, etc.) or publishers (Pluto TV, Sling TV). However, we do offer various targeting solutions on CTV/OTT, including audience targeting, content category targeting, and weather triggering. 

Audience Targeting

Connect with viewers based on real-world behaviors and/or layer on Geotargeting or Demographic Targeting for hyper-focused reach.

  • Location Audiences: Target viewers based on past visitation to specific categories or brands, such as QSR Restaurants or Taco Bell.
  • Behavioral Audiences: Serve your ads to audiences based on a mix of their past visitation patterns and demo data, such as Foodies.
  • Geotargeting: Reach people based on their city, zip code, county, DMA, or state.
  • Demographic: Layer on demographic data for a hyper-focused connection: Age Group | Gender | Ethnicity | Household Income

Content Category Targeting

Reach audiences based on the genre or category that the viewer is watching. Select from one of our 11 segments to target contextually based on viewing habits.

Here’s a list of the new content categories you can choose from:

Comedy | Documentary | Drama | Entertainment | Education | Food & Home | News & Weather | Outdoors | Reality | Sports | Travel

Weather Triggering 

Tailor your message to viewers based on the weather conditions around them. This can be applied at the zip code, county, DMA, state, or national level. Triggers include:

Humidity | Temperature | Wind | Rain Probability | Alerts | Pressure | Sun | Rain | Fog | Snow | Thunderstorms | and More - see weather targeting page.

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