Weather Targeting / Triggering


Weather Targeting / Triggering

Weather plays a key role in influencing consumer behavior. Powered by the largest network of weather sensors, weather triggering enables marketers to target against many weather conditions and quantifiable weather parameters including temp, wind, pressure, and alerts. 

You can target based on current weather and forecasted conditions. Combined with location data, weather triggers allow marketers to provide the most contextual, relevant, and tailored message to customers and tap into consumers’ moods, desires, and purchase intent at any given moment and location.

How it works

GroundTruth’s owned and operated Weatherbug provides GroundTruth with feeds of our weather content on an ongoing basis. The data sets include:

  • Hourly Forecast
  • Daily Forecast
  • Observations
  • Alerts

Types of targeting parameters available

cloudy.png   Weather Conditions: Clear, Cloudy, Sunny, Hazy/Hot/Humid, Cold, Windy, Fog, Rain, Drizzle, Thunderstorms/Storms, All rain/Thunderstorms/Drizzle, Flurries, Snow, All Snowy & Winter Weather, Frozen Mix/Sleet
humidity.png   Humidity: This allows you to select a ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ threshold in percentage.


Temperature: This allows you to select a ‘greater than’, ‘less than’, or ‘between’ threshold in Fahrenheit. A ‘Feels Like’ option can be applied to the temperature parameters. It takes into account wind speeds and humidity to assess how the human body actually feels temperature.

wind.png   Wind: This allows you to select a ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ threshold in regards to wind speed (mph).
rainy.png   Rain Probability: This allows you to select a ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ threshold in percentage.
barometer.png   Pressure: This allows you to select a ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ threshold in millibar (mbar).
alert.png   Alert: This allows you to select a severe weather phenomenon. For the full list of severe weather alerts, please see below. (e.g. ag group will only serve during a “Tropical Storm” or during “Excessive Heat”.



  • All weather targeting parameters excluding ‘Pressure’ are available in four timeframes: Current Condition, Today’s Forecast, Tomorrow’s Forecast, 3 Day Forecast.
  • For best performance, we recommend using 'Weather Conditions' or 'Temperature' as weather triggers.


List of severe weather alerts available

Air Stagnation


Lake Effect Snow and Blowing Snow

Areal Flood

Freezing Fog

Lake Wind


Freezing Rain

Lakeshore Flood

Beach Hazard


Low Water


Hard Freeze

Rip Current

Blowing Dust


Severe Thunderstorm

Blowing Snow

Heavy Snow


Brisk Wind

High Surf


Coastal Flood

High Wind

Snow and Blowing Snow

Dense Fog



Dense Smoke

Hurricane Force Wind

Tropical Storm

Dust Storm



Excessive Heat

Ice Accretion


Extreme Cold

Ice Storm


Extreme Wind

Inland Hurricane

Wind Chill

Fire Weather

Inland Tropical Storm

Winter Storm

Flash Flood

Lake Effect Snow

Winter Weather





Best practices when setting up weather-targeted campaigns or ad groups

Here are a few tips when setting up a campaign or ad group that uses weather triggers:

  • Only select one weather trigger per ad group. Adding multiple weather triggers can greatly impact the delivery of your campaign.
  • An ideal campaign would be an 'always on' campaign (possibly with budget caps), over a long period of time (months).
  • Creative messaging should match the triggers used.

Use Case Examples

Cold Weather Severe Weather
  • Weather Trigger
    • Cold Weather, Below Freezing, Snow
  • Marketing Opportunity
    • Target customers in moments when they are being influenced by the cold weather
    • Awareness and Drive In-store messaging
  • Vertical Opportunity
    • CPG: Brand awareness for hot food, ready-made meals, lip balm, dry-skin moisturizer
    • Retail: Drive to store for Cold weather/outdoor clothing, Resort wear
    • Travel: Warm destination, Ski-resorts
    • Auto: 4W Drive models, Snow Tires, Parts & Services Awareness
    • QSR: Hot meal/drink promo, comfort food restaurants

Creative Examples


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Weather Targeting available in Canada?
Weather targeting is currently only available for the US Market. 
On which device type is weather targeting available?
Weather targeting is available on Mobile, Connected TV (CTV), and Over-the-Top (OTT) devices. 
Are estimated daily impressions and audience daily reach available?
No. Since the weather is highly unpredictable, we cannot provide real-time inventory and avails.
Can weather triggering be added to any product?
No. Currently Triggering will stand as a separate product within the plan.
How granular is the location targeting, combined with Weather?
We support Zip code, DMA, County, State, City, and National Targeting.





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