How do you determine the boundaries of a store location or POI?

We've built the only proprietary mapping technology designed with the specific intention of location-based marketing called Blueprints. Blueprints is the only mapping platform that accurately draws brands and multi-layer POIs, which is necessary to fully understand who consumers are and how they engage with their surroundings. 

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We determine visits based on lat/longs signals that fall within a Blueprint and use that visit data to attribute visits to media campaigns, build audiences, and more.

Our place data map POIs in three tiers: in-store, on lot, and retail area or walking distance to the store. GroundTruth currently has 4.8M Blueprinted locations across the United States and Canada.

GroundTruth Blueprint ensures we only count a visit when one truly occurs, as opposed to traditional radial geofences, which measure with up to 75% visitation inaccuracy. Blueprints allow GroundTruth to build better-performing audiences and deliver insights and campaign results with more accurate store visitation data.




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