Observed Visits

The Observed Visits metric provides the actual measurable visit count to points of interest measured via our Blueprints technology. We define an Observed Visit as a user visiting the "drive-to" / brand store location within 14 days of a GroundTruth ad exposure.

Observed Visits take 7 full days to reflect in Ads Manager. For example, on August 30, you will see Observed Visits that occurred on August 23. The 14-day lookback window does not include the 7 days it takes for data processing and reporting. This means that the overall lookback window will be 21 days plus an additional 7 days to process the data and show it in Ads Manager.

GroundTruth uses a last-touch attribution methodology to attribute visits to impressions. This means that the latest ad impression seen by a user before a visit will be given credit for the visit.


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