Can we target a list of medical locations or facilities?

Medical locations, like hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, are all considered sensitive locations. We are unable to build audiences off of these locations, but we are still able to target by all targeting types (geotargeting, weather, impression-level retargeting) with certain targeting restrictions. We can’t target these locations with on-premise targeting, and these locations must have a minimum 1-mile radius as the location filter.

If you are trying to track visits to these locations, you can reach out to our team on Zendesk and we can mark these locations as “semi-sensitive.” When these locations are semi-sensitive, we can track visits but we are still unable to build an audience off of these devices.

While most medical locations are considered sensitive, note that we do provide turnkey audiences that allow targeting of medical locations that do not identify a specific medical condition (ie. Hospitals as a general category).

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