Ads Manager Report Scheduler

What is Report Scheduler?

Introducing a new reporting functionality in Ads Manager for improved monitoring of campaign, ad group, and creative performances. Reports gives you the ability to create reports with consolidated information from multiple campaigns and accounts to a single file, which can be delivered to up to 25 recipients.


How It Works

    1. Go to the Reports option in the Ads Manager menu
    2. Name your report
    3. Choose the report type
    4. Choose the report start and end date
    5. Select organizations, accounts, and up to 25 campaigns you would like to monitor.
    6. Choose report recipient(s) (Up to 25 recipients per report)
    7. Choose your delivery option (Daily, Weekly, or the Generate now option)


Report Types

    1. Daily Trend: View daily performance breakdown for all levels (campaign, ad groups, ad creative).
    2. Location: Optimize your campaigns and gain unique insights on your consumers by understanding which tactics are delivering the best results in which targeted locations.
    3. Product: Provides top performing (and bottom performing) targeting strategies at the campaign, adgroup, and creative level. Use this data to influence targeting strategies and POIs to drive higher performance.


Report Templates

Please see below the categories included in each of the reports.

Daily Trend Location Product
Organization name Account id Account name
Campaign id Creative id Creative name
Creative size Campaign start date Campaign end date
advertiser bid type budget type impressions
clicks reach ctr
cpm cpv Visits
video start first quartile mid point
third quartile video complete total sa
coupon website more info
directions click to call sar
total spend market name contract#
campaign_budget total_imp_contracted campaign name


Use Cases

    1. Daily frequency: The purpose of this report is to allow users to monitor campaign performance at scale from multiple accounts and organizations and spot potential trends. The report is grouped at the creative level and includes performance metrics as well as metadata (Organization and Account IDs and names).
    2. Weekly frequency: The purpose of this report is to allow users to meet weekly reporting deadlines. Weekly reports are delivered on Monday. A weekly report is Monday-Sunday. Each week will be appended to existing data.
    3. Custom pull: Users who are looking to pull data for a specific timeframe can do so via a custom pull.
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