Publisher Reporting (CTV/OTT Only)

Within Ads Manager, Publisher Reporting is available for CTV/OTT campaigns and ad groups. Publisher reporting displays the App Names on which CTV and OTT creatives are served.

The report can be accessed via the Report Name drop-down in Ads Manager:


Within this report, you can filter by Impressions, Video Start, Video First Quartile, Video Midpoint, Video Third Quartile, Video Complete, and Video Completion Rate.

The chart will show top 10 publishers


By using the download report data option shown below, you can receive top-25 publishers




Note that in very rare occurrences, it is possible that an App Store ID shows up in the report instead of an App name. App store data is constantly being updated and it is possible a new ID for an approved app comes through GroundTruth's bid stream before lookups get updated.

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