Creative Repository

Creative repository is a feature within Ads Manager that allows users to bulk upload and manage their creative assets at the tenant level. This allows users to quickly set up multiple ad groups with no need to upload a single creative per specific ad group.  

Top Benefits

  • A dashboard with a single view of all creative assets in a tenant.
  • Users can associate a creative asset to multiple ad groups in one go from the repository.
  • Improve ease of use and allow users to set up ad groups and launch campaigns faster.

Getting Started

1. Access Creative Repository via the hamburger icon on the top left of Ads Manager. 


2. Add creative assets by selecting a creative and clicking on  + Add Creative. A modal window will open that allows users to bulk upload creatives directly from their computer or by Drag & Drop for a single creative. 



Note: All creative assets uploaded at the individual ad group level will also be available in the repository. 

3. Once creative assets are present in the repository:

    • Users can search for an asset by name. 
    • Add to an Adgroup by clicking on + Add to Adgroup.  
    • Users can pull creative assets from the creative modal in ad group settings. 




When you click on the creative, you'll be able to see which ad groups it is associated with.


4. Once you've added creatives to an ad group, you'll need to add the creative details (click-through URL, frequency, etc ) at the ad group level.



  • Creative repository only supports uploading image creative ( JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, Script-HTML and TXT ). If you'd like to upload a video creative, you'll have to upload it at the ad group level.
  • Bulk upload is limited to 10 creative assets.

  • Users cannot delete assets across the tenant from the creative repository. 
  • Users can only pause creatives from the repository.
  • Once a user adds an asset from the repository, he'll need to add the creative details at the ad group level.
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