Campaign Templates

The attached spreadsheets are our newly introduced GroundTruth Campaign Templates. They are ready-to-use campaigns, pre-populated with tactics tailored for both general campaigns and specific verticals.

Generic Template:

Vertical Templates:

How do you use it?

Click the link below to watch a short video explaining how to utilize the GroundTruth Campaign Template. It  will cover the following five steps to using the template:

  1. Log into Ads Manager
  2. Click the "new campaign" button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, name the campaign as stated in the “Campaign” tab in the GroundTruth Campaign Template, and flick on the "import bulk spreadsheet" button
  3. Upload the GroundTruth Campaign Template file
  4. Allow a few moments (usually 2-3 minutes) for the template to load.
  5. Make any necessary targeting changes to your ad groups, add creatives, set your budget & flight dates, and launch when ready.
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