Audience Recommendations

Our Ads Manager Audience Recommendation Engine is designed to assist you in selecting audiences for your audience-targeted campaigns. Below you'll find a brief overview of how the recommendation engine works, its limitations, and frequently asked questions.


Purpose of the Recommendation Engine

The primary purpose of our recommendation engine is to provide you with audience recommendations that can help expand the reach of your campaigns. These recommendations are based on previous audience selections made by advertisers with similar audience selections.

How It Works

As you select audiences for your campaigns, you'll notice our enhanced AI audience recommendation engine integrated into the user interface. Here's how it functions:

  1. Recommendations Based on Similar Campaigns: The engine suggests potential audiences that have been targeted by previous campaigns from other advertisers with similar audience selections.
  2. Adding Recommended Audiences: To add a recommended audience, simply click the + sign next to the audience. You can also add all five recommendations by clicking the corresponding button.
  3. Reopening Recommendations: If you close the recommendations, you can easily reopen them by clicking on the audience recommendation engine icon.

Guardrails or Limitations

While our recommendation engine is designed to enhance your campaign reach, it's important to be aware of its limitations:

  • Recommendations are solely based on increasing reach and do not consider metrics such as visits or clicks.
  • Geographic Considerations: Recommendations do not take into account location. For example, you might receive an audience recommendation for Publix shoppers even if your campaign is targeting an area where Publix grocery stores are not present.

Before adding a recommended audience, ensure that it aligns with the geographic targeting of your campaign.


Q: How are the recommendations generated?

A: Our system suggests candidate audiences that have been previously targeted by other advertisers' campaigns with similar audience selections. Groups of audiences that have frequently been targeted together will be suggested for new campaigns targeting audiences in those groupings.


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