CBD Advertising Guidelines

Before you start creating content for your CBD marketing campaign, please review the following guidelines, and ensure you are compliant with state and federal regulations and our platform and publisher policies.

Please reach out to your Account Executive / Platform Specialist or at selfservehelp@groundtruth.com prior to activating a CBD campaign on Ads Manager.


You can activate your CBD media across all our channels: Mobile, Desktop, Connected TV & Over-The-Top Devices. 


  • CBD products must meet the requirements under the  Farm Bill, therefore cannot be classified as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act. You will be responsible for ensuring these requirements are met.
  • Advertising cannot have wording of Cannabis products; marijuana leaves/pictures on the creative;  vaping/smoking products – nothing that can be  inhaled; extraordinary claims “CBD cures cancer, etc.”
  • Advertising may not redirect users to any URL where cannabis or unpermitted CBD items (see above) are also sold or mentioned, or to an “under construction” site –  must be a complete site to be approved.
  • Ads Manager users must select “CBD” during campaign setup, whereupon Impression Avails will be shown in the platform for appropriate supply sources (you may contact your GT rep if you are interested in more detailed avails studies).
  • GroundTruth can track visits to locations that sell CBD unless they also sell cannabis or unpermitted CBD Products.
  • Proximity/Radial Targeting is recommended as a tactic to increase the scalability of your campaigns.


Prior to campaign launch, your Platform Specialist or Account  Executive will need to approve the following in order for your campaign to start running.

  • All Creatives
  • All Web Links
  • General Messaging

Creative Example


In Ads Manager

When running a CBD campaign in Ads Manager, please check the checkbox next to 'CBD Campaign' during the campaign creation process.

This will ensure that your ads run on CBD-compliant inventory and that your campaign does not experience any disruption. 


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