Open House Audiences

What are Open House Audiences?

Audiences comprised of people that recently visited an open house. GroundTruth targeting solution is powered by data directly from an MLS feed* to ensure accuracy.

* Multiple listing services (MLS databases) are created and maintained by cooperating real estate professionals to share information about properties on the market. This data usually includes details such as the listing price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and other similar data points relevant to potential buyers.


  • Target house hunters within a lookback window of up to 30, 60, 90, or 120 days after they visited an open house
  • Layer on home price thresholds to ensure you reach audiences in the right price range and customize messaging
  • Great for complementary messaging ,i.e. financing options from banks, MLOs, etc.

Types of Audiences

GroundTruth ingests MLS data for open house listings and matches each address with parcel data to build location groups.

  • The parcel data is split into location groups represented by five price buckets:
    • "OpenHouse_<200K" (homes listed for less than $200,000)
    • "OpenHouse_200K-500K" (homes listed between $200,000 and $500,000)
    • "OpenHouse_500K-1M" (homes listed between $500,000 and $1,000,000)
    • "OpenHouse_>1M" (homes listed for more than $1,000,000)
    • "OpenHouse_All" (all open houses)
  • Audience - each price bucket is split into 4 different lookback windows, giving 20 total location groups:
    • 30-day audience (i.e. "OpenHouse_<200K_30d" - representing devices that have visited open houses listed for less than $200,000 in the last 30 days)
    • 60-day audience (i.e. "OpenHouse_All_60d" - representing devices that have visited any open houses in the past 60 days)
    • 90-day audience (i.e. "OpenHouse_500K-1M_90d" - representing devices that have visited open houses listed between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in the past 90 days)
    • 120-day audience (i.e. "OpenHouse_>1M_120d" - representing devices that have visited open houses listed for more than $1,000,000 in the past 120 days)


  • New data is ingested each month and the location groups are refreshed.
  • Visitation tracking to the open house location groups is not available.
  • Building retargeting audiences is not available when targeting open house location groups.

Get Started in Ads Manager

The Open House Audiences can be found if you select 'Audience' as your targeting tactic.


In the audience search bar, type in 'Open House' and move to the Location group tab. There you will see all of our open house audiences available.


Once you've selected your audience, please note that you can apply location filters from State, DMA, Zip code, City, or address.



GroundTruth Landing Page Creative

We strongly recommend using GroundTruth landing pages for your campaigns. They come at no extra costs and are highly customizable.


  • Keep users in a mobile-friendly environment
  • Consistent experience between your ads and your landing page
  • Great to keep track of secondary action rate (SAR)

For more information on landing pages, please visit our help page.



Complimentary Use Cases

Our open house audiences are not only beneficial to realtors or agencies working with real estate companies but they can also be used in a variety number of cases. People in the market for a house may also be in the market (or will be) for:

  • Finance: Mortgage offers, loans, MLOs
  • Professional Services: Home Improvement, painters, landscapers, home cleaning
  • Retail: New home furnishing and electronics



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