Budget and Scheduling

Step 1: Set your bid

CPM Bid Price sets the max amount you want to pay for 1000 ad impressions. Minimum bids currently start at $3.50 for Mobile & Desktop, $25 and $30 for OTT and CTV targeting respectively. We recommend increasing bids as necessary to increase delivery.


Step 2: Set budget and Flight

Budget is maximum spend during the timeframe of the campaign (start and end date)

  1. Impressions are calculated based on your Budget and CPM Bid Price.
    • if you prefer, you can enter your impression goal and bid price to determine the budget
  2. Start Date specifies when your ad placements is displayed to mobile users and when your budget will start spending

    • must be current day or future date
    • once ad spend occurs this date cannot be edited

  3. End Date determines when you ad placement stops being served and you budget will not be spent after this date
    • must be in future date, prior to the start date


Step 3: Day parting and advanced settings

You can set day parting based on timezone of the advertised location. 


You may also add Tracking Pixel previously set up in Account Settings.


Step 3: Save and Launch 

Click SAVE to save changes in Budget & Schedule.


To launch your campaign, click SAVE AND LAUNCH.


Please allow 1 hour for your ads to propogate. You can check Today's Spend within a couple of hours in reporting to verify ads are spending. Full reporting metrics will appear next day. 


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