Optimization Strategy Options

GroundTruth provides options to optimize for various outcomes for your campaign:


Optimization strategy is in targeting section of Ad Group setup. (default to click)


Delivery Optimization: Optimize to maximum impressions and reach irrespective of CTR, conversions, and other metrics.

  • Great for events targeting, real-time location targeting, reaching most number of audiences for audience retargeting


Click Optimization: Optimize for highest CTR

  • Great to make sure you're driving higher number of click-throughs to website for your budget
  • You can set your CTR by unchecking AUTO and selecting a CTR threshold. ex. 0.5 for CTR threshold of 0.5%
  • setting CTR threshold will optimize for but will not NOT guarantee CTR of 0.5%


SAR Optimization: Optimize for highest Secondary Action Rate if landing page option is selected.

  • Optimize for highest landing page engagement (clicks, click to direction, click to webpage, click to call)
  • You can manually set your SAR threshold by unchecking AUTO and selecting a SAR threshold of numbers of engagements per 10000 impressions. ex. 3 for clicks per 10000 ad impressions.
  • SAR is optimized but not GUARANTEED. 



Conversion Optimization: Optimize conversions if GroundTruth conversion pixels were enabled for the campaign.

  • Great for driving form completion, purchase behavior etc.
  • Conversion pixels must be enabled
  • Performance is not GUARANTEED




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