Setting up Ad Group creative(s)

The Ad Creative pages configure the visual ads that the mobile user will see and the mobile web page that will be viewed when the user clicks the banner to view more information.

See GroundTruth Ad Spec for more information on supported sizes and specifications.


Step 1: Add New Creative


Step 2: Add creative



Upload an image by navigating to the appropriate folder location or drag and drop into the designated area or selecting from your browser file upload navigation screen

Please upload multiple of these creative sizes (in pixels). Double dimensions for retina mobile screens (e.g. 320x50 -> 640x100).

  • 320x50, 300x250, 320x480, 728x90 sizes reach more than 95% of mobile inventory.

Other supported sizes include:

  • 600x300, 720x240, 640x213, 640x160, 640x320, 300x50, 480x320, 768x1024, 1024x768, 640x960, 640x360 and 160x600.


  • The following image file types are supported: GIF, PNG, JPG
  • Ads Manager will automatically validate the ad creative size and file type (creatives need to be the exact size to be accepted by Ads Manager)
  • A preview of the uploaded ad will display once successfully uploaded

HTML5 ZIP files may be of the following types:

  • index.html, index.js, /libs, /images in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif formats

Set Click-Thru URL link


    • Be sure to include http:// or https:// in the url path
    • UTM and URL parameters are allowed
  • Click Save to complete this step




Dynamic Text Overlay

  1. Click Add Text Overlay button to the lower left of the image preview to open macro options

  2. Click Add Macros link under the text input box to view a list of available macros that will dynamically update relevant text based on the location of the user and the advertiser's nearest store

    • Distance: %%DISTANCE%% - numerical distance to the nearest business location
    • Distance Unit: %%DISTANCEUNIT%% - the unit of length standard to the market. US & UK miles, KM for all others.
    • Street: %%STREET%% - the street of the nearest business location is located
    • City: %%CITY%% - the city the nearest location is located
    • State: %%STATE%% - the state the nearest location is located
  3. To the right of the text box are font control options such as text size, color, and style

  4. Text entered in the text box will also appear in the ad creative preview
    • Click and drag on the text box overlay in the preview to move the positioning
    • Click and drag on the square corner handles to change the size of the text overlay

External Trackers

  1. Add 3rd party Pixel Trackers or Script tags in the provided section
  2. You can add multiple pixel trackers such as MOAT, etc. 

Script Creatives

Distribute a rich media ad creative by inputting a script tag from a 3rd party creative provider

  • Supported providers include: Celtra, DART, Medialets & more
  • Every provider is distinctly different, however, all with the same goal, to ensure that IMPRESSIONS and CLICKS are recorded AND that the setup end’s up on the correct landing page. The impressions are typically automatically added by the system by GroundTruth on delivery. The placement of the CLICK tracker, however, must be placed manually in the script tag.
  1. Please refer to the provider-specific setup guide:

  3. Select ad creative size and add additional click-through and 3rd party trackers

  4. Click Save to continue 


Ads Manager provides a quick and easy way to upload video creatives. Our in-house solution allows for the conversion of video media files into VAST format*. This provides an easy option for you to serve your video creatives over many devices and reach a maximum audience.

* VAST is a video ad serving template. It is a standard developed by IAB for communication between ad servers and video players. VAST format is needed in order to serve video ads. 

How it works:

1. Simply drag and drop your video file or add a VAST tag URL

2. Add a Vast Tag URL

3. Video may take a few minutes to upload

Input video file specifications:

  • File Format: .mp4, .mov
  • Resolution: Min. 1280x720px, Max. 1920x1080px (recommended)
  • File Size: Under 50MB
  • Maximum Length: 30 seconds
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Note: VAST URLs resulting from direct video uploads should not be shared externally or used in external platforms.


GroundTruth Dynamically generated web-based landing pages

  1. The landing page is a mobile site the user will view after clicking the ad creative. (Script & Video creatives have predetermined landing page preconfigured)
  2. If the client does not have an existing mobile website landing page, they can use one of GroundTruth Landing page templates by selecting the “create landing page options, which replaces the click-thru url with a landing page builder form that allows for the creation of the landing page by populating the templated features/options.
  3. There are three landing page options: 
    • Standard Landing Page & Super Landing Page - configure header image, directions, which prepopulates based on Drive-to location(s) set in targeting, call to action button, coupon image, video, option to customize buttons. The difference between standard and super landing pages is the size of Google Maps on the landing page. 
    • Image Landing Page - Image map customizable with clickable regions
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the form to complete your ad creative and landing page configuration and move on to the next step of your campaign creation.
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